Augment Your Reality

A Vision Becoming Reality

AYR Mobile App

“Augment Your Reality is a travel & tourism application that runs on mobile platforms and utilises augmented reality technology (AR). The app uses geolocation to track the user’s location to help pinpoint point’s of interest (POI’s) and create an interactive map of their surroundings".

Video tours

"Here at the Augment Your Reality headquarters we are using Google Earth studios advanced satellite imagery alongside Adobe After-Effects to create high quality video tours of iconic locations such as Paris, New York and London. Also we value your input on future locations you'd like to see".

Get In touch

"Here at Augment Your Reality love hearing from you... whether its current or potential partners or our incredible users. We are always on hand if you have a question about features, trials, pricing, need a demo, or anything else; our team is ready to answer all your questions".

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